Art impression by Marijke Mulder

Marijke Mulder <I’ve got you under my Skin>

Art-impression-by-Marijke-Mulder-I’ve-got-you-under-my-skin. You can buy this art impression at It’s reproduced in high quality materials such as canvas, aluminum, Xpozer or photography (framed), and any format.

The song sung by Frank Sinatra: “I’ve got you under my skin”. A declaration of love. A woman, looking through a fog of warm tones of paint. The soft pu rper  shade of swirling flowers. The stenciled letters in a soft blue tone with a thin edge.

Marijke: I use different techniques: photos, drawings, sketches and also paintings like watercolor paintings, and all sorts of paper. The image is created in stages. From drawing on paper on a drawing board to photographing. Prints are then divided into parts. Adding parts of watercoler effects on paper. Then painting or drawing just until the image is created.



On the 19th of May the gallery reopens Galerie Atelier Marijke in Entrevaux

On the 19th of May the gallery reopens Galerie Atelier Marijke in Entrevaux

Fortunately, we can reopen on May 19. The art-collection is ready and we are ready  to welcome our clients again. Of course we respect all  restrictions taken because of the pandemic.

We hope it will be a beautiful summer for everyone and we all can enjoy all beautiful things in life again.  See you soon.

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