Cotton Masks for just 6 euros

Save our planet and ask for a Mask that looks good and that you can use more than once. I make them for my clients for a nice price (6 euros). In adorable prints. Cotton masks (2 or 3 layers in fine strong cotton – up to 600 threads/cm2

24-28 july -Demonstration how to make chain mail jewellery at Gallery Marijke

From 24/28 july in the afternoon there’s a demonstration of making chain mail jewellery. You’ll find Marijke at the rue Basse des Remparts (number 2 at the route d’artisans). To complete your medieval costume or to find a modern and unique handmade piece of jewellery. Marijke assembles bracelets and necklaces ring by ring according to the tresli method (made of interlaced jumprings); a technique used since antiquity and widespread in the Middle Ages (especially for the design of the famous stitch ribs).