Art impression by Marijke Mulder

Marijke Mulder <I’ve got you under my Skin>

Art-impression-by-Marijke-Mulder-I’ve-got-you-under-my-skin. You can buy this art impression at It’s reproduced in high quality materials such as canvas, aluminum, Xpozer or photography (framed), and any format.

The song sung by Frank Sinatra: “I’ve got you under my skin”. A declaration of love. A woman, looking through a fog of warm tones of paint. The soft pu rper  shade of swirling flowers. The stenciled letters in a soft blue tone with a thin edge.

Marijke: I use different techniques: photos, drawings, sketches and also paintings like watercolor paintings, and all sorts of paper. The image is created in stages. From drawing on paper on a drawing board to photographing. Prints are then divided into parts. Adding parts of watercoler effects on paper. Then painting or drawing just until the image is created.